Transmission Replacement

No one likes to think about transmission replacement, but all too often, it’s necessary. And when it is, rely on The Lancer Garage to do a great job at a reasonable price. Your transmission is responsible for managing the different gears of your car. When transmission systems start to break down, you may notice a couple of telltale signs. You’ll hear grinding as your car manually or automatically tries to change gears. You might smell something burning or feel the car shaking as you speed up.

At this point, it’s important to bring it in to shop. Many times, there will be a simple problem with the clutch that can be fixed quickly. However, if there is a serious problem with the transmission, The Lancer Garage is the best place to go.
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Why Should I Replace and Not Repair?

Transmission systems work as a whole. When individual parts get damaged, the problems don’t typically stay in one area. Even if you do fix the damaged part, it may not fix the problem. When this is the case, you’ll find yourself bringing your car back to the repair shop repeatedly. Overall, replacing your transmission is the more cost-effective solution, especially when taking into account the amount of time you’ll save not having your car in the shop.

Before conducting any work, our team will lay out the options for you. If it is more cost-effective to repair your transmission, we’ll let you know. With us, you’ll always have all the facts before you make a decision.

Making Car Repairs Easier

We know that there are many struggles when your car needs work. Our team strives to take some of the stress out of the experience. We begin by giving you a price you can count on. With over three decades of experience in the industry, we know how much your repairs will cost. Because of this, we give you reliable prices from the start. With us, you don’t have to worry about extra fees or hidden charges being added at the end.

Not only will we give you reliable prices from the start, but you’ll also receive a breakdown of the total after completion as well. We know transparency is an important aspect of any business, so we’ll keep you updated on each new development with your car. You won’t have to wonder about what’s going on every day. Lastly, we’ll set you up with a loaner car if you need it!
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Transmission Replacement Services in Salt Lake City

When you need a new transmission in your car, The Lancer Garage is the best team for the job. We have the capabilities, drive and consideration to make your repair experience both easy and comfortable. Call us today to schedule a transmission replacement with our team in Salt Lake City. We can’t wait to get you on the road again.
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