Front End & Suspension Repair

When you need front end and suspension repair services, The Lancer Garage is the best place to go. Your suspension system benefits your car by distributing the wear and tear evenly. Over time, braking and accelerating wear away the tread on your tires. If your car tires are suspended correctly, this damage will be absorbed by all four tires equally.

However, if your suspension is off, certain areas of the car will take on heavier loads. This results in more maintenance visits and a shorter life span for your car. The better solution is to get your suspension repaired when you begin to notice the issues.
Tire Repair
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Signs You Need Front End and Suspension Repair

For those unfamiliar with cars, it can be difficult to tell when something is wrong, especially if it’s been that way for a long time. That’s why it’s important to get regular maintenance done on your car. Your suspension might need maintenance if you can feel the road more. The suspension in your car should help cushion you when you’re on roads that are rough or bumpy.

Another problem you might notice is uneven wear on your tires. This happens because the car is improperly distributing the weight. If your car drags to one side while turning or dips low when stopping, this also signals a problem. Both these issues signal wear on the shocks. If your car is experiencing any of these problems, it’s time to bring it into the shop.

Quick Repairs and Reliable Service

Here at The Lancer Garage, we care about more than just fixing your car. We also want you to be able to come to us with any automotive questions or concerns. In your visits, we’ll not only take the time to tell you what problems your car has, but also which repairs are emergencies and which can be delayed.

We welcome your questions and concerns and strive to be a repair shop you can count on in any situation.
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Schedule Your Front End & Suspension Repair in Salt Lake City

With bumpy mountain roads and sharp curves through the valley, having a working suspension is crucial to driving safely in and around Salt Lake City.

Come visit our team here at The Lancer Garage to schedule an appointment for front end and suspension repair for your vehicles. Our experienced crew will get you in and out of the shop quickly, so you can spend more time taking leisurely drives and less time worrying about your car.
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