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When your car’s heating and air conditioning is broken, it makes even the shortest rides intolerable.

During Utah’s subzero winters, you need heating in your car. But summers can be even more dangerous. While you can prepare for cold temperatures with gloves, scarves and coats, there’s not a healthy equivalent for summer temperatures.

Not only are broken heating and cooling systems dangerous for the passengers in the car, but they also limit your ability to travel. Long road trips in the middle of summer without air conditioning is uncomfortable at the least and unbearable at most.

The solution is to talk with our trusted team here at The Lancer Garage. With over 30 years in the automotive industry, we’ve learned a thing or two about repairing air conditioning and heating in cars.
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Heater Trouble?

If your heating system is not working properly it is something you should have looked at right away. Because the heat comes from your engines coolant system, sometimes lack of heat from your vents could spell real trouble happening under your hood. We can asses the issue and determine if you need to fix the problem asap, or if it truly is just a heater controls issue that you could wait to fix if your situation requires it.
We focus our services on repairs. We only replace parts if it’s the most cost-effective or safest option for your vehicle. Many times, however, a simple repair will suffice.

Because of this, you get the best prices. We also believe in being honest, which is why you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for with every service as well.
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We Commit to Your Scheduled Activities in Salt Lake City

Taking your car in to the mechanic can be a hassle, especially when life gets hectic. With auto maintenance appointments, you have to worry about finding rides to work, running errands and coping with emergencies.

We know that it’s difficult to manage without a car, which is why we always stick to your schedules. We strive to make life easier for you. Whether it’s a quick repair or a longer job, we’ll have your car done by the time we promised.

In fact, we even complete small projects during our clients’ lunch breaks if that’s what they need. Our team at The Lancer Garage is dedicated to giving you the best experience possible when it comes to heating and air conditioning repairs. Call us today to schedule an appointment.
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