Automotive Diagnostics & Repair

Serviceman checking suspension in a car at garage

Repairs are critical to your vehicle’s operation, but they can’t be done correctly without proper diagnostics. Some mechanics in Salt Lake may remember when diagnostics involved putting the car up on the lift and taking a look at it, but today the process is quite different, involving software, scanners and computers. Some lament the change, but at The Lancer Garage, we love learning new skills and working on the latest model cars. 

Automotive Diagnostics

Love it or hate it, the ability to correctly diagnose what’s wrong with your car comes down to the quality and sophistication of the software a mechanic uses. Such software does not entirely replace the practice of explaining to your mechanic what you think is wrong a la NPR’s Car Talk, but it cuts down on the guesswork significantly.

The truth is, problems with some vehicles are more difficult to diagnose than others. When your backup camera goes haywire, your ABS light won’t shut off or your dashboard gives you the nebulous and dreaded “check engine” light signal, the only solution is good diagnostics.

But it’s not just your dash that’s computerized — it’s most of your car’s operational systems. Our mechanics use automotive diagnostic tools to check for problems with your engine, exhaust system, transmission, brakes and more.

However, these tools are only as reliable as the mechanics who use them. Our mechanics have been trained to use the best automotive diagnostic tools available. That means we’re fast, thorough and we get the answer right the first time.

Auto mechanics working underneath a lifted car
Serviceman checking suspension in a car at garage

Automotive Repair

Once our mechanics diagnose the problem with your vehicle, the next step is repair. If the issue isn’t an emergency, such as a problem with your heating or air conditioning systems, you may opt to put off repairs to a day and time that is more convenient for you. Otherwise, our mechanics get right to it.

We specialize in replacing transmissions and repairing brakes, engines, front ends and suspensions. These are major jobs, and you should trust them only to master mechanics in South Salt Lake. Replacing a transmission or an engine can often rival the cost of a used car, so you want to be sure the money you’re spending is worth it, and that the job will last.

We do small jobs as well, including tuneups, oil changes, and belt, battery and hose replacements. We also do safety and emissions inspections.

Hybrid Vehicle Service in Salt Lake

At The Lancer Garage, we are excited about the future of alternative fuel vehicles. To that end, our mechanics have become trained experts in repairing and maintaining hybrid and electric vehicles. We even provide service for electric vehicle charging stations.

Regardless of what kind of vehicle you have or what’s wrong with it, the mechanics at The Lancer Garage can help you. Plus, we provide pickups and drop-offs, because we care about our customers’ well-being and convenience.

Whenever you need a mechanic in South Salt Lake, rely on The Lancer Garage.

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If it involves your vehicle we can do it!

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